Biff Vigil

Biff Vigil is a rust belt printmaker/experimental navigator/painter/sculptor/run-on sentence enthusiast/big fan of all dimensions of being embodied & making conceptual/essayistic work (each line is an extrapolation of her handwriting) exploring non-conceptual knowing in the spirit of celebrating/offering departure from the Cartesian self.

In other words, informal : I utilize all forms of print media to celebrate the intersections of the mind, body, and heart. I work to validate the unfolding conversation about the knowing that occurs in these spaces of union. I call attention to the limitations of the prevailing narrative of Western intellectual tradition. I question the assumptions prerequisite to define an “I” with which to examine the universe. I joyfully empty myself into playful paradox in light of the spreading conversation on radical interconnectedness.


Instagram: @biffvigil

Encompass Serigraph
Further Serigraph
Integrate Love Serigraph