Jeanne Fields

I have been making art for the past 20 years with a focus on oil painting. My work is realism based but because I love to learn and to grow, I also explore abstraction and make sculpture.

I look for opportunities to create art with a focus on Art for Social Justice. I also do landscape painting. This dual focus creates a balance with the beautiful and good on one side and the evil that should be addressed on the other. Showing my art and sharing it with others is a privilege and I hope it inspires change.

An example of my focus is my participation in the “Faces Not Forgotten” project that honors victims of gun violence who were under 20 years of age. My portrait of a 16-year-old victim made for his family joins others portraiture. It is part of a display of portraits made into quilts that now travels nationwide to raise awareness of gun violence.

“Art grows sterile when divorced from spirituality,” says Matthew Fox. I hope my artwork, inspired by Nature and by the challenges we face in our world, create a pause of inspiration and a counterforce of corrective action. It is my belief that Mankind has the capacity for change.

Death Uncalled For Oil on Linen
Storm Brewing Oil on Linen