Liz Roetzel

“Liz considers herself to be a conceptual artist with a decorative sensibility. She creates abstract art about subjects that are meaningful to her while incorporating her love for strong color, well-defined edges, and interesting composition. She admits with humor that she pays almost obsessive attention to detail and continually strives to strike a balance between surrender and control during the creative process. Her work has been described as elegant, boldly feminine, thought provoking, and often times playful.

Since earning a BFA at Memphis College of Art in 2007, her work has been juried into numerous solo and group shows. In addition to mixed media work and painting, she is an ardent nature lover who enjoys photographing her outdoor adventures.

Born in LaPorte IN, Liz has recently returned to the midwest after a lifetime of collecting experiences in other locations, both urban and rural.”

“I’ve been making art since childhood, but it wasn’t until middle age that I decided to make it official and earned a BFA from Memphis College of Art in 2007.

Looking back on my earliest “work” I see that it was a form of therapy for me as I often depicted events in my life, including what I felt was an unfair division of labor amongst my siblings and myself. I drew unflattering pictures of people who angered me, and I had flights of fancy into a future I thought I wanted, including the perfect wedding dress and bridal party fashions. Ahh, childhood—insert head-shaking here.

As time went on I took art classes and developed my representational skills. I particularly enjoyed still life and portrait work, almost always in pencil or chalk and oil pastels. In my late thirties I taught myself to use oil paints but was still limited to reproducing what I could see, unsure of how to make the jump or even understand abstract art.

Art school opened me up to abstraction and also ingrained in me a need to make art with a message. When starting a new series I begin with the question, “What do I want to paint about? If I don’t already know, I’ll figure that out while I have fun experimenting with materials. At some point the concept and materials coalesce to become a series.

My latest body of work—still in progress—is a light and joyful celebration of the beauty of Mother Nature. As in previous bodies of work I use lace to symbolize feminine energy.”

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Welcome Home, Acrylic and Lace on Canvas, 30″ x 40″
Last Hurrah, Acrylic and Lace on Canvas, 24″ x 36″