Natalie Klein

I have lived in South Bend for 52 years. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and I graduated from New Trier High School in Winnetka, IL. I earned a BFA in painting from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. I studied Renaissance Art History at the University of Florence, Italy. I studied Darkroom Photography with Joe Jachna at IIT in Chicago, and Graduate Level Painting at Notre Dame University with Don Vogl and Doug Kinsey.  I earned  a M.S. from Indiana University. 

I taught Art in the South Bend Schools, retiring from Washington High School. I exhibited Art throughout my teaching career:  The Chicago Art Institute Sales and Rental Gallery & the Chicago Botanic Gardens in Illinois, The Water Street Gallery in Saugatuck, Michigan, The Midwest Museum of Art in Elkhart, the South Bend Regional Museum of Art, Colfax Cultural Center and The Art Post Gallery in South Bend in Indiana.

Landscapes, Skyscapes and Forms from Nature have been constant Themes. My bold, colorful Expressionistic works are personal visual record.  Lichen are my current interest. Personal loss of friends have been the attraction to Lichen. Lichen grow on many surfaces, however rotting wood gives life to Lichen, thus a metaphor of Life from Death.